I Bought a Dog

Before you animal rescuers out there crucify me for the title, let me explain. I was thirteen and at my friend's house when her neighbor came outside to walk his new puppy. It was a tiny wiener pup a.k.a a dachshund. As he playfully bounded over fresh-cut grass as if it were a thicket in … Continue reading I Bought a Dog


To The Man on the Patio

Tonight my husband, our two small children, and myself met my Mom and Dad at a new family friendly restaurant. It was a celebratory dinner of sorts coming from just showing them our soon-to-be-house just around the corner. It was a beautiful fall night so we sat on the fenced in patio surrounded by fresh … Continue reading To The Man on the Patio


In the ever evolving roller coaster ride that is parenthood and life, the struggle is real today. Not in the truest meaning of the word struggle because I am very aware of how blessed and wonderful my life is. I mean the struggle of figuring out where my priorities lie.  I came across this picture … Continue reading Sanity

Over- Correcting

Over- Correcting

My legs were rigid and stiff almost to the point of pain. My arms were stretched out in the same strained manner. My hands were opening and closing grasping for anything.  My voice was tensed pleading "MOMMY! PLEASE! PLEASE!" If she just knew how bad I need her. She would understand. It's dark and scary. … Continue reading Over- Correcting